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Raitt Recital Hall Technical Information


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Technical Information

Raitt Recital Hall Technical Information

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General Information

Location/Information: Raitt Recital Hall is located next to Lindhurst Theatre and the Cultural Arts Center. The stage has a SL exit and SR access to the grid. The hall is accessible to the handicapped. The booth is located directly behind the audience, and clear-com is available. There is no loading dock. Access to the holding room and the stage is available through the Cultural Arts Center, located next to the theatre. Specific arrangements for load-in can be discussed with the Technical Production Manager.



A. Support Room:

  1. Located through the door on stage left.


B. Booth:

  1. Located at the back of the recital hall, ground level.


C. Crews:

  1. Minimum crew is four people, including a crew supervisor.
  2. All crew needs are at the discretion of the Technical Production Manager to assure a safe working environment.


D. Policies:

  1. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the theatre and backstage areas. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas on campus.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all parts of the Pepperdine University campus, including in the theatre dressing rooms.
  3. No alterations can be made to the theatre seating at any time. Fire exits and general house entrances must remain clear at all times. Standing Room is prohibited for any reason in the theatre.
  4. Dressing room furniture and equipment cannot be removed or rearranged at any time.
  5. The rental day does not start before 8 a.m. and must end by midnight. A rental day is defined as a 10 out of 12 hour day (including 2 one-hour meal breaks). Any time after 12 hours will be assessed at the rate of $50 an hour, plus labor.
  6. There is a midnight curfew for all load-ins and rehearsals, meaning that the building must be completely clear by 12 a.m. The only exceptions to curfew are post-show strikes and occasional load-ins delayed by a prior event and then only by prior arrangement with the CFA Technical Production Manager.
  7. All CFA BOH crew have a four hour minimum call.
  8. All CFA crew require a one-hour meal break after every five continuous hours of work. If required to work beyond five hours, all crew are paid at double their regular rate for all time over five hours until a one-hour break is received. Please plan your load-in, rehearsals, and performances with this in mind. The theatre will be locked during this break and no one will be allowed into the venue until the BOH staff returns.
  9. All CFA crew will be paid one and a half times their regular hourly rate for all hours worked over 40 hours in one week and all hours over 8 hours in one day. Double-time takes affect over 12 hours in one day, and if the rental extends to seven days of the work week, anything on the seventh day (Sunday) will start at time and a half.
  10. Note that CFA does not have access to a scene shop; therefore, painting and repairs must take place either on stage or outside of the building. All chemicals or paints brought in the Center for the Arts must be accompanied by Material Safety Data Sheets, which includes cleaning fluids, paints, hazer fluids, and all other chemicals. The tenant is responsible for the removal of all chemicals and paints from the facilities at their load-out time. Failure to do so will result in Hazardous Materials Fees, which will be charged for the disposal of any chemicals or paint. (For more information on how to find Material Safety Data Sheets, or MSDS, please see
  11. The stage floor and walls may not be painted. Accepted stage screws and nails may be used in the stage floor. Any hole may be plugged by Tenant to the satisfaction of the Technical Production Manager. Damage to the stage floor or wall will be billed to Tenant for all expenses incurred.
  12. Open flames, including hand held candles, are not permitted in the theatre. Firearms, live explosives, and lasers also require prior notice and approval.
  13. Fire laws require that there will be no cables, tripods, equiPMent, or obstructions of any kind in the audience seating area, aisles, exit doors, and hallways. TV cable from production vans to camera platforms must be taped down and approved by the Technical Production Manager.



A. Seating:

  1. Raitt Recital Hall has a capacity of 118 in 9 rows on one floor. The auditorium is accessible to the handicapped.


B. Theatre Dimensions:

  1. Full length of theatre + theatre entrance: 54'7"
  2. Full length of theatre: 47'2"
  3. Full length of audience + theatre entrance: 41'3"
  4. Full length of audience: 33'9"
  5. Height from grid to stage: 20'
  6. Length of stage: 13'5"
  7. Width of stage: 26'


C. Stage Floor:

  1. The stage floor is oak.



A. Control Console:

  1. Acclaim 100 series
  2. Location: In the booth at the rear of the auditorium.
  3. Dimmer system is a unison DR12
  4. Number of dimmers: 12, at 2.4K ea.
  5. 10 stand Lekolite 500 w.
  6. 5 Source 4 575 w. 19 degrees



  1. Speakers located in the grid
  2. Recording is available
  3. CD player/tape deck available
  4. 40 available microphone lines


A. Dressing Rooms:

  1. The Support Room is available as a changing room.


B. Wardrobe Area:

  1. Ironing Board:
    1. Available upon request.
  2. Steamer:
    1. Available upon request.

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