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Studio Art Thesis Exhibition:

April 10–26, 2014

Reception: Thursday, April 10, 5–7 p.m.


Wonderment features works by six artists who are graduating from Pepperdine's Seaver College with B.A. degrees in Studio Art:

Sarah Attar
Kai Woods Decker
Angela Kappus
jyehin kim
Jane SH Lee
Genevieve Ruddock

Won·der·ment (wŭn′dər-mənt)
1. Astonishment, awe, or surprise.
2. Something that produces wonder; a marvel.
3. Puzzlement or curiosity.

The six graduates of the Studio Art program express their personal curiosity and wonderment about the world through a variety of creative media--ranging from traditional painting and drawing to contemporary digital animation art. Some have answered questions that reside closely with nature and earth, working with non-traditional materials such as wood, dirt, and footprints. Others convey personal stories that are drawn in charcoal. Another artist explores the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art by juxtaposing ceramic art toys with inventive collages. There is a dynamic variety of artistic resources and materials used to create this exploration of personal curiosity.

The Studio Art Thesis Exhibition allows graduates from the studio art program to highlight their various achievements. "Each of these women has the desire to constantly grow and evolve as artists and community members. This is underscored by the variety of work in such a small group. From painting and drawing to projected image and digital animation, these artists reflect a deep engagement with artistic exploration and experimentation. It has been an honor to walk beside this talented group of artists and scholars as they push the barriers of creative thinking." said Gretchen Batcheller, Seaver College assistant professor of studio art.

Ty Pownall, also an assistant professor of studio art, added: "Pepperdine's Senior Thesis Exhibition takes us all around the world and back, investigating our global and ever-changing environment. It delivers dynamic blends of low and high art, abstraction and crisp imagery, the ambiguous and the concrete. The talented artists in this year's show are diverse in both background and in style but, in vision, they share an ambition to explore the complex natures of relationships they've found in their young but extremely promising lives."

The exhibition was organized by Batcheller and Pepperdine art professor Joe Piasentin, in cooperation with Studio Art coordinator Ty Pownall and Weisman Museum director Michael Zakian.


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