Parkening International Guitar Competition

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The Parkening International Guitar Competition is the most prestigious classical guitar competition in the world, honoring Christopher Parkening's lifetime commitment to fostering musical excellence in young artists as demonstrated by his mentor, the great Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia. The competition features cash prizes in excess of $65,000—the largest prize purse of any classical guitar competition. After three days of intense public performances, the winner of the Parkening International Guitar Competition receives a gold medal, a $30,000 cash prize, and a title that may skyrocket a classical music career and change the winner's life forever.

The Young Guitarist Competition helps to identify outstanding young guitarists (17 years and younger) and encourages them to continue their performance careers and study.

The final rounds for both the Young Guitarist and the Adult Competition can be viewed here

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2019 Competition Schedule 

Date Event
Tuesday, May 28, 2019  Young Guitarist Competition begins.
Ten young guitarists perform 12-minute programs.
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 Young Guitarist Competition concludes.
Five young guitarists perform 15-minute programs, and the Young Guitarist Awards Ceremony is held.
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The Parkening International Guitar Competition begins.
Fifteen competitors perform 15-minute programs.
Friday, May 31, 2019  The competition continues.
Six semifinalists perform 30-minute programs.
Saturday, June 1, 2019  The competition concludes.
Three finalists perform full concertos and an encore piece with a full orchestra. The medalists and prizewinners will be announced after the conclusion of the orchestral segment.


2019 Parkening Competitors 

Competitors Nationality Age During Competition
Bokyung Byun South Korea 24
Riccardo Calogiuri Italy 29
Javier García Verdugo Spain 25
Samuel Hines USA 27
Alec Holcomb USA 24
Junhong Kuang China 19
Beiyan Liu China 20
Christopher Mrofchak USA 27
Cody Noriega USA 27
Alex Park USA 26
Miguel Checa Paz Spain 21
Sergey Perelekhov Russia 22
Andrea Roberto Italy 23
Marko Topchii Ukraine 28
Tengyue Zhang China 25
Mia Bongiovanni
Assistant General Manager of Media and Presentations for the Metropolitan Opera
Charlotte Lee
President and Founder of Primo Artists
Steve Schoen
Former Vice President of Sony Music Masterworks and Sony/BMG
David Thomas
Recording Producer
Pablo Sáinz Villegas
2006 Parkening International Guitar Competition Winner



2019 Parkening Competition Results

Competitors Nationality Age During Competition Placement
Andrea Roberto Italy 23 Gold Medal
Alec Holcomb USA 24 Silver Medal
Sergey Perelekhov Russia 22 Bronze Medal
Bokyung Byun South Korea 24 Fourth Place
Junhong Kuang China 19 Fifth Place
Riccardo Calogiuri Italy 29 Sixth Place


Prize Money, 2019 Competition*

Award Amount
Gold Medal $30,000
Silver Medal $15,000
Bronze Medal $7,500
Fourth Prize $1,000
Fifth Prize $1,000
Sixth Prize $1,000
An award of $500 to each of the remaining 9 competitors.

*all amounts are in USD


2019 Parkening Young Guitarist Competitors

Competitors Nationality Age During Competition
Hilbert Chen USA 10
Maggie Grether USA 16
Joseph Malvinni USA 11
Mira Morales USA 15
Evelyn Nguyen USA 16
Garrett Podgorski USA 17
Nikolas Rejto Australia 17
Eric Wang USA 15
Darren Wu USA 16
Hui Chan Yun South Korea 16
Sara Banta
Music Professor
Mark Forlow
Director of Digital Sales at Naxos USA
Meng Su
Parkening International Guitar Competition 2015 Winner


2019 Parkening Young Guitarist Competition Results

Competitors Nationality Age During Competition Placement 
Eric Wang USA 15 First Place
Nikolas Rejto Australia 17 Second Place
Garrett Podgorski USA 17 Third Place
Hui Chan Yun South Korea 16 Fourth Place
Joseph Malvinni USA 11 Fifth Place


Prize Money, 2019 Young Guitarist Competition*

Award Amount
Winner $3,000
Finalist (x4) $750
An award of $500 to each of the remaining 5 competitors.

*all amounts are in USD


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